Department: Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Tuesday 10 March 2020 (8th Week, Hilary Term)

Oxford Sustainable Finance Executive Education Drink Reception
Date: 10 March 2020, 18:30 - 19:30 (Tuesday, 8th week, Hilary 2020)
Speaker : Ben Caldecott (Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment)
Venue Details: Lee library
Organisers: TBA
Hosts: TBA

Monday 27 April 2020 (1st Week, Trinity Term)

The Race of Our Lives by Jeremy Grantham - lecture and reception
Date: 27 April 2020, 16:30 - 19:00 (Monday, 1st week, Trinity 2020)
Speaker : Jeremy Grantham (GMO & Grantham Foundation)
Venue: Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street OX1 3AZ
Organisers: TBA
Hosts: TBA