Data Management During Fieldwork

Maintaining well-organised data is essential for researchers to keep accurate records of fieldwork data and make informed decisions. The techniques and strategies for securely managing data may differ depending on the field sites, types and amount of data, and the system or database used for data collection and analysis. Some may find online data storage to be the best option, while it may not be ideal for those working in remote areas.

In this workshop, post-fieldworkers will be sharing their experience and knowledge on managing data in the field. The discussion will cover various topics, such as effective methods and strategic planning for storing, organising, and updating data on both online and offline platforms, as well as some potential challenges and drawbacks that may arise. We will also delve into practical tools and techniques for backing up data and enhancing security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of the data during and after data collection in the field.


  • Learn how to plan data management most suitable for your research project.
  • Gain tips for enhancing data security measures while effectively storing, updating, and backing up your fieldwork data.
  • Identify potential obstacles that may arise during data collection in the field.

Keiko Kanno

Susana Kolb Cadwell (DPhil, Anthropology)

Lily Gilder (DPhil, Geography and the Environment)

Jordan Gorenberg (DPhil, Anthropology)

Gabriele Paone (DPhil, Anthropology)