Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Public Art

The first multidisciplinary seminar as part of the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series, will be held on Wednesday 14th March at 17:00-19:00 in the College Hub.

At this opening event, art historians, a public artist, an architect and a cultural historian will address the question:

Is art placed in, or part of, the urban environment?

Why would anyone want a fifty-metre horse in the middle of a shopping centre? Is visibility over-rated? Is it more pleasurable to accidentally turn a corner and discover an artwork?
Is it more productive to understand the city itself as a work of art? This seminar sets out to help define where and why Public Art works – working closely with its building and environmental context – and where it does not. Britain has a splendid tradition of public art but in the last 50 years has also seen some sadly inappropriate installations all over the country that have given the genre a bad name. We have asked some passionate and diverse speakers to share their knowledge, research and above all, their views on the subject.

This is the first of our series on key urban issues affecting society today. It will no doubt provoke some lively debate. Join the conversation #urbankellogg

This event is free and open to all. No booking necessary. Refreshments will be served from 16:30, the seminar will begin at 17:00. You are welcome to stay for drinks after the event.