The Right to Life, UN Rules of Engagement and Use of Deadly Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti
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Most UN peacekeeping missions are mandated under Chapter VII. Many are mandated to undertake law enforcement operations unconnected to activity by parties to an armed conflict The presentation will draw on testimonies of ‘collateral damage’ survivors of law enforcement operations conducted by the UN’s first Chapter VII stabilization mission – the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti – to discuss issues this raises and implications for current and future missions.

MINUSTAH deployed from 2004-2017, a period in which there was no armed conflict in Haiti. UN reports state that on one occasion troops fired 22,700 bullets and on another 10,000, in a densely populated neighbourhood of Cité Soleil. Residents, and an MSF doctor, said that MINUSTAH fired from helicopters and that the UN never returned to investigate the number of casualties even though Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Guehenno, mission-head Valdés, and the US Embassy, all acknowledged that UN fire had resulted in unintended casualties.

The presentation will discuss the legal frameworks governing peacekeepers’ use of force outside of a ‘hostilities-in-armed-conflict’ context and the scope of permissible ‘collateral damage’; and UN responsibilities with regard to ensuring that those with ‘collateral damage’ injuries as a consequence of UN operations receive appropriate medical care.
Date: 5 February 2018, 13:00 (Monday, 4th week, Hilary 2018)
Venue: St Cross Building, St Cross Road OX1 3UR
Venue Details: Law Faculty - Seminar Room L
Speaker: Professor Siobhán Wills (Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University)
Organising department: Centre for Criminology
Organiser: Oxford Transitional Justice Research (University of Oxford)
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Host: Ivo Gruev (University of Oxford )
Part of: Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) Seminar Series
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