Diplomacy and Crises: A practitioner's insight and outlook

Ambassador Wilfried Bolewski was Chief of Protocol to Chancellors Merkel and Schroder (2003 ‚ 2006). Preparing and accompanying their official foreign visits he closely observed the face-to-face diplomacy and foreign policy decision-making at the highest level.

Subsequently, as German Foreign Ministry Special Representative for Universities and Foundations at the Foreign Service Academy in Berlin (2006 ‚ 2008), Ambassador Bolewski addressed the gap between the academic and policy worlds and initiated projects transforming academic orientation knowledge into practical guidance for foreign policy problem-solving.

Ambassador Bolewski acquired diplomatic experience in international crisis management at the NATO desk (Nuclear Planning Group) of the German Foreign Ministry, the UN Conference on Disarmament and the NATO Defence College in Rome. As a career diplomat he served at several bilateral and multilateral missions on all continents and was Germany’s Ambassador to Jamaica (1993 ‚ 1997).

In 2008, Ambassador Bolewski became Professor of International Law and Diplomacy at the Free University , Berlin. He has since been teaching at Sciences Po, Paris (2008 ‚ 2013), and the American University of Paris (2011 ‚ 2É≈∏012). In 2014, he initiated a professional Foreign Policy Track for International Relations and Diplomacy MA students at the American Graduate School in Paris. Professor Bolewski provides also diplomatic comments for the BBC and France 24.

Dr. Bolewski received a Doctor of Law degree from the Marburg University, Germany, with a thesis on International Law. He is the author of the book Diplomacy and International Law in Globalized Relations (Springer 2007). His special fields of expertise are: Political psychology in foreign policy and conflict analysis, Public International Law in the diplomatic decision-making process and Corporate Diplomacy.