Brick in the wall or one of a kind: Is personalised antipsychotic treatment possible?

Professor Robert McCutcheon, University of Oxford presents a lecture as part of the Department of Psychiatry's Seminar Series with Professor Michael Browning as Chair. This is an in-person and hybrid lecture, to join virtually, please click here:

It is common experience for practising psychiatrists that individuals with schizophrenia vary markedly in their symptomatic response to antipsychotic medication. What is not clear, however, is whether this variation reflects variability of medication-specific effects (also called “treatment effect heterogeneity”), as opposed to variability of non-specific effects such as natural symptom fluctuation or placebo response. Previous meta-analyses found no evidence of treatment effect heterogeneity, suggesting that a “one size fits all” approach may be appropriate and that efforts at developing personalised treatment strategies for schizophrenia are doomed from the outset.