Perioperative Care & Cognition

Recent studies have suggested that surgery has a small long-term effect on cognition and that perioperative ischemic brain injury may contribute. These studies, and their context, will be described and critiqued, providing the attendee with the pertinent insights from papers published in the BMJ and Lancet.

Dr Sanders completed a Bachelors of Science (Neuroscience, First Class Honors, 2002), Medical Degree (2003) and PhD (Biological Sciences) at Imperial College London. He trained in anaesthesia at the Imperial School of Anesthesia and undertook a Neuroanaesthesia Fellowship at the Royal National Neurological Hospital (2013) as well as doing postdoctoral research at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (2012 -2013). He completed anaesthesia training in 2014 and moved to the University of Wisconsin as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor. He has funding from the National Institute of Health (K23/R01) to conduct research into the mechanisms of delirium and dementia.