China in South East Europe: Economic or political interests?
China is gradually becoming a new superpower. Although its plans in South East Europe remain an enigma, it is becoming increasingly more important as an investor, creditor and recently as a provider of soft military power. This last session will look at the increasing influence of China across the region, a force to reckon with in the future.
Date: 11 March 2020, 17:00 (Wednesday, 8th week, Hilary 2020)
Venue: St Antony's College - North Site
Venue Details: Seminar Room, European Studies Centree, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HR
Speaker: Jens Bastian (ELIAMEP)
Organising department: European Studies Centre
Organiser: Julie Adams (St Antony's College, University of Oxford)
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Hosts: Dr Jessie Barton Hronešová (Department of International Development), David Madden (St Antony's College, Oxford), Othon Anastasakis (St Antony's College, University of Oxford)
Part of: South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX)
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Audience: Public
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