ABC Learning design workshop

The workshop is designed for course directors, module leaders and other members of academic staff with responsibility for planning and designing whole programmes of study or individual modules, papers or short courses. ABC Learning Design workshops provide an opportunity to review the balance and sequencing of different types of learning activity that make up your course, such as reading, discussion, group-work tasks, self-tests or essay-writing. Storyboarding techniques are used to review your current teaching and explore the potential of digital technologies to support students’ learning. Originally developed to support the migration to Canvas, the workshops are now available to anyone who is involved in teaching at the University. They are facilitated by members of Academic IT with experience and understanding of both teaching and technology. Participants should be experienced in the design of papers, modules and/or short courses. Previous attendance at a course run by the OLI’s Educational Development team is not obligatory, but participants should note that the workshop does not provide tuition in teaching skills or educational design. The workshop may also be relevant to learning technologists, librarians and administrative staff who support academics in developing their teaching materials.