The Buddhist people smuggler - challenges problematic rhetoric on people smugglers

About the speaker

Bodean Hedwards is currently undertaking her PhD at Monash University examining the forced and irregular migration of Tibetan refugees on the Tibet-Nepal border. She is also a Research Associate at the Border Crossing Observatory, where she is working with the team to develop an innovative research platform on major border crossings in Southeast Asia. In this position, Bodean is also part of the research team investigating the regulation and exploitation of migrant workers in Australia. Prior to this, Bodean was a researcher with the Walk Free Foundation where she specialised in assessing government responses to modern slavery throughout Southeast Asia. Bodean has also worked with the Australian Institute of Criminology in Canberra on a range of issues, including anti-human trafficking, countering violent extremism and indigenous justice. Outside her formal employment, Bodean was also the Vice-Chair of the Canberra Chapter of Young UN Women. Bodean has published on a range of issues, including the government responses to modern slavery, challenges facing Tibetan refugees, people smuggling, Indigenous justice programs and technology and crime.