Systems level analysis of human cell mediated immune responses in situ

We use genome wide transcriptional profiling of biopsies from the site of the tuberculin skin test to make molecular and systems level analysis of cell mediate human immune responses in vivo. The multicellular transcriptome is interpreted bioinformatically and by modular deconvolution. We have used this approach to test the range of effects of HIV and anti TNF treatment on cell mediated immune responses, and to identify immunopathogological pathways in tuberculosis.
Mahdad Noursadeghi is a Clinician Scientist and leads a research group in Infection & Immunity at UCL. They investigate host-pathogen interactions in order identify protective and pathogenic immune responses in infectious diseases, focusing on HIV-1 and Tuberculosis. They model innate immune host-pathogen interactions in human macrophages, and use molecular profiling of challenge experiments in humans and sampling of tissues at the site of disease in order to understand host-pathogen interactions in vivo. More on the group website: