Insight into Academia: Should I do a Postdoc?

If you’re aiming aim for a career in research, securing a postdoctoral research position may seem to be the logical next step to build on your doctorate. In some – though not all – fields of academic research, having postdoc experience is a requirement for higher-level jobs, though it still doesn’t guarantee future success in securing a permanent academic position. So is postdoctoral research worth pursuing?

This seminar is an opportunity to pause and ask some important questions: How can a postdoc support my academic progression most effectively? What value is a postdoc for those considering working in sectors beyond academia? What do I need to have in place to ensure that the postdoc period is as productive from a career perspective, as well as meeting the research aims? The seminar will propose strategies to help you consider this decision, and understand both the conditions in which a postdoc could work well for you and viable, attractive, alternatives.

All welcome. To reserve a place please go to CareerConnect.