Technocratic government – challenges and legacy: The case of Romania
In response to massive popular protest, Romania appointed a technocratic government in December 2015, which lasted until parliamentary elections in December 2016. The Social Democrat Party (PSD) government elected in December 2016 once again generated even more massive protests in February 2017, when it attempted to railroad a change to the Penal Code that would have decriminalised some corruption, coincidentally including the leader of the PSD. The seminar will look at the challenges the technocratic government faced during its life and what its long term impact might be, particularly on popular expectations of government and of the rule of law.
Date: 22 November 2017, 17:00 (Wednesday, 7th week, Michaelmas 2017)
Venue: St Antony's College - North Site
Venue Details: Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HR
Speakers: Dacian Ciolos (Former Prime Minister of Romania), Raluca Pruna (Former Justice Minister of Romania), Dragos Tudorache (Former Interior Minister of Romania), Heidi Maurer (LSE/DPIR)
Organising department: European Studies Centre
Organiser: Julie Adams (St Antony's College, University of Oxford)
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Host: Jonathan Scheele (St Antony's College, Oxford)
Part of: South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX)
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Audience: Public
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