Digitising Anti-Racist & Anti-Imperialist Teaching Amidst COVID-19

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in our in-person teaching models and pressed us to quickly move content online. Yet, thoughtful efforts must be made to ensure that rapid digitisations do not reify long-standing inequalities. During this online seminar, we respond to calls for greater attention to the contemporary urgencies of active anti-racist and anti-imperial classroom practices (Bhambra et al. 2018; Chantiluke et al. 2018; Kamunge et al. 2018) by focusing on projects to decolonise the digital classroom, or efforts to push back against forms of online epistemic dominance (Dey 2020). We look at pedagogical solidarities and actions against racism and imperialism in the time of COVID-19, including the potential threats of dominant actors mobilising the context of the pandemic to reinforce neoliberal educational norms. Panellists joining the discussion: