Fear and Loathing in Times of COVID-19
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In this edition of the COVID Flash Talks, the two guest speakers will present their new research project titled “Fear and Loathing in the times of COVID-19”. Their research bases on the idea that populism thrives on anger but loses its sting in a climate of fear (whether based on real threats or artificially created). However, when people are afraid, they tend to follow established leaders rather than expressing dissent. The two presentations will approach this new research from the standpoint of the theoretical framework, and how to make such research possible.

Jörg Friedrichs is Associate Professor at ODID and Official Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford. Taking a broad transdisciplinary approach to academic research, his main interests are in the fields of international relations and political sociology. Among other things, he has proposed a new intercultural theory of international relations.

Niklas Stoehr will join the Institute for Machine Learning at ETH Zurich as a doctoral candidate. His interdisciplinary research practice revolves around Conflict Networks, Online Media Bias and AI(-driven) Governance. Previously, he worked at the interface of these fields in industry (IBM AI Core, Microsoft Research, German Federal Foreign Office) and research (UCL, University of Oxford, Tsinghua University) environments.
Date: 19 May 2020, 14:00 (Tuesday, 4th week, Trinity 2020)
Venue: Venue to be announced
Speakers: Prof. Jörg Friedrichss (University of Oxford), Niklas Stoehr (ETH Zurich)
Organising department: Oxford Department of International Development
Organiser contact email address: tamoi.fujii@sant.ox.ac.uk
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