Oxford Mindfulness Centre Seminar Series: Contemplative Neuroscience: Application to Emerging Healthcare Technologies

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre would like to invite you to the second of our Michaelmas Term 2015 seminars, ‘Contemplative Neuroscience: Application to Emerging Healthcare Technologies’ with Dr Christopher Brown, to be held in the Wellcome Building rooms in the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry. We are delighted to welcome Dr Brown to Oxford for this seminar, and we hope you can join us for what promises to be an engaging talk.

Contemplative Neuroscience: Application to Emerging Healthcare Technologies

Dr Christopher Brown
University of Cambridge

Wednesday 30 September 2015 at 1:30pm
Wellcome Building, Department of Psychiatry

About Dr Christopher Brown
Dr Brown is a research associate in the CamPAIN research group at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He has conducted research in the neuroimaging of acute and chronic pain as part of his PhD (University of Manchester) and postdoctoral work in clinical neuroscience. He continues to work in multidisciplinary teams of clinicians in pain medicine and rheumatology, and academics in neuroimaging, computational neuroscience and genetics. Dr Brown’s current research focusses on patient phenotyping and real-time monitoring pain and pain-predictive mechanisms in order to translate neuroscience into improved clinical care for patients with chronic pain.

Reminder: next up in the OMC Seminar Series
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Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, University College London
Where: Oxford Mindfulness Centre seminar room
When: Monday 21 September 2015 at 11am

All are welcome to attend.

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