The fight against the mafia in Italy and the role of the anti-mafia legislation

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Pio La Torre (Palermo, December 24, 1927 – Palermo, April 30, 1982) was a Trade Union leader, a high-ranking member of the Italian Communist Party and Member of Parliament (1972-1982). He was a long-time opponent of the Sicilian Mafia and had taken a leading role in the fight for the land reform in Sicily. In 1980, he promoted a land-mark law establishing the new crime of “mafia conspiracy” and the legal framework to confiscate criminal assets belonging to members of the mafia. On April 30, 1982, he was murdered by a commando of the Sicilian

Mafia, together with his collaborator Rosario Di Salvo. After his death, the Italian Parliament passed the so-called Rognoni-La Torre Law (13 September 1982 n. 646).

Franco La Torre (Palermo, 25 June 1956) is an historian and environmental and political activist. He is the son of Pio La Torre. From 2012 to 2015 he was a member of the executive council of Libera.