Gender, Sexual Relations and Intimacy During the Holocaust

Issues of gender, sexual relations and intimacy are promising areas of research, but ones that are still very much new to being explored in Holocaust historiography. This week’s readings approach these topics in two different ways, giving an insight into research on intimacy in both a wartime and a Holocaust context.

Anette Warring, ‘Intimate and Sexual Relations’, Robert Gildea, Olivier Wieviorka, Anette Warring (eds.), Surviving Hitler and Mussolini: Daily Life in Occupied Europe (Oxford: ESF, 2006), pp. 88-128.

Sara R. Horowitz, ‘“If He Knows to Make a Child…”: Memories of Birth and Baby-Killing in Deferred Jewish Testimony Narratives’, Norman J.W. Goda (ed.), Jewish Histories of the Holocaust: New Transnational Approaches, (Oxford: Berghahn, 2017), pp. 135-151.