Panel 1: The Princely State and its Political Legacy

Dr Amar Sohal (Early-Career Research Fellow in Politics and International Studies at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge)
‘A three-nation theory: Sheikh Abdullah and the logic of Jammu & Kashmir’

Iffat Rashid (PHD Student University of Oxford)
‘He who has steel has everything: Iqbal, Ahmadis, and the Kashmiri rights movement’

Professor Mridu Rai (Department of History, Presidency University, Kolkata)
‘Territorialising Hindu sovereignty: the Dogras, British colonial legitimation and the Muslims of Kashmir, ca. 1846-1947’

The discussion will be moderated by Professor Faisal Devji, Professor of Indian History, Director of the Asian Studies Centre, University of Oxford and Professor Arghya Sengupta, Founder and Research Director at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy