Ten Years of Peace Processes in Colombia

You are warmly invited to a thought-provoking in-person dialogue with HE Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Colombia, Danilo Rueda, Colombia’s High Commissioner for Peace (online from Colombia), and HE Roy Barreras, Ambassador of Colombia to the United Kingdom, former Senator, and government negotiator in the peace process with the FARC, who have all played pivotal roles in the peace efforts and political landscape of Colombia, in conversation with Dr Gwen Burnyeat, Junior Research Fellow in Anthropology at Merton College, Oxford.

This dialogue will explore the progress and challenges of the peace processes in Colombia over the past decade, and the country’s ongoing transition from war to peace, with an eye to analysing the prospects for the future of peacebuilding. It will be chaired by Dr Andrei Gómez-Suárez, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Winchester. All are welcome.

This event is jointly organised by Rodeemos el Diálogo, OxPeace, and the Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace at the University of Winchester.