Oxford-Somalogic Partnership Inaugural Meeting

Somalogic, a biotech in Boulder, Colorado, founded by Larry Gold (founder of Synergen and Nexstar) uses DNA aptamers for generating quantitative assays from body fluids or tissue supernatants. Up to 1350 analytes can be assayed from 60ml of serum on a commercial basis, or up to 4000 on a collaborative basis.

We have been actively involved in working with Somalogic for a number of years, and are working with them to set up an European base in Oxford, to be fully operational by mid-2016.

To introduce the Oxford Medical and Scientific community on a wider scale to Somalogic, an Inaugural Programme has been developed, by Professor Sir Marc Feldmann of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and key Somalogic staff, with 2 major events, and several workshops, being held at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology.

Tuesday 26rd January 10-1 – Introduction to Somalogic, Somamer Reagents and Somascan Discovery Assay

Tuesday 26rd January 2-4.30 Workshop 1: How to optimize human immune monitoring

Tuesday 26rd January 4.30-6.30 – Workshop 2: How can Somamer reagents and Somascan enable drug target discovery and validation?

Wednesday 27th January 9.00am – Workshop 3: How can proteomic profiling of disease tissues and blood uncover new disease biology, drug targets and biomarkers for disease?

Friday 29th January 9-1 – Event 2: Applying large-scale proteomics towards more cost-effective health care in the UK

We believe that this is a potentially ‘disruptive’ technology, a ‘game-changer’ over many aspects of science and medicine, and encourage you to attend to consider how it may impact your research. There will be opportunities to discuss with SomaLogic scientists how your work may benefit. Appended is a more detailed programme.

To attend, please contact Philippa Wells (Marc Feldmann’s PA) on philippa.wells@kennedy.ox.ac.uk