Silicon Biosystems Seminar: DEPArray™ Digital Sorting to Resolve Heterogeneity on Low Input and Low Cellularity FFPE Tumors and Circulating Tumor Cells

DEPArray™ is the only sorting technology capable of isolating, through a semiconductor controlled microfluidic chip, 100% pure single or pooled cells. Single Circulating Tumor Cells can be isolated from enriched blood, pools of pure Tumor, EMT, TILs and Stromal cells can be isolated from disaggregated FFPE tissue blocks, as well as live cells can be isolated from fresh tumor tissue.

NGS Results show how interpretation of underlying genetic alterations becomes far clearer on samples transformed into collections of pure or single cells, not only improving the detection of Somatic Mutations, but enabling highly informative Copy Number Aberration analysis on the pure cell populations.

During the seminar we will present the principles of operation of the technology, testing and validation of the accuracy of the method with NGS panels and Whole Exome Sequencing, applications in the area of single CTC genetic analysis and FFPE tumor tissues.