Oxford Technology & Security Nexus — AI in the Workplace and Employment Power Dynamics

Note that this week we’ll be in the Nuffield Cole Room.

This week, Nikki Sun will be speaking about how AI is being used in workplaces in China and its influence on the power dynamics between workers and employers.

About Nikki:

Nikki Sun is a programme manager at the Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative. She has a decade of experience working at the intersection between journalism, public policy, and emerging technologies. Prior to joining Oxford, she was a researcher at Chatham House, where she studied the impact of AI on employment and labour in China. Nikki is a seasoned speaker at UK parliamentary sessions on labour policies and runs training courses for UK civil servants.

Before moving to the UK, Nikki was an award-winning journalist and columnist in Hong Kong where she covered China technology and politics. Her work appears in publications including Nikkei Asia, Financial Times, and South China Morning Post. Nikki studied journalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and holds an MSc in international political economy from King’s College London.