The Turkish state's military operation in Northern Syria: a discussion with members of the Kurdish community in Oxford

This event is a timely engagement with current developments in the majority Kurdish regions of Northern Syria in the context of the Turkish state’s ongoing “Peace Spring” cross-border military operation. UN reports estimate that hundreds of thousands of people have been forced into displacement as a result of the operation. According to Amnesty International, there is “damning evidence” of war crimes against the civilian population by the Turkish state and its allies. The Turkish government wants to establish a “safe zone” in the majority Kurdish border area to resettle Syrian refugees.

The event will provide information on the recent developments, focusing on the humanitarian situation on the ground. Syrian-Kurdish residents of Oxford have been invited to discuss their perspectives with the audience.

Chair: Dr Dilar Dirik (Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow)

With the Oxford Kurdish Association and Kurd-Akad