Operationalising European democracy: Three Proposals

Please register with an institutional email address before the event, and arrive online at 15.45 ready to be admitted to the Zoom Room for the talk to begin promptly at 16.00.

The European Public Sphere Project is a multi-annual research effort engaging top-level movers and shakers from the worlds of politics, business and media in Europe with the aim of developing actionable policy-oriented proposals to nurture the Europeanisation of national public spheres. This second public event will be held via Zoom to discuss means of operationalising European democracy. In particular, the project lead Dr. Matteo Garavoglia will present three specific proposals inspired by a liberal demoicratic theory and show how, if operationalised, these could contribute to enhancing the quality of European democratic life and policy-making.

Chair: Dr. Hartmut Mayer (Director, European Studies Centre).
Discussants: Prof. Kalypso Nicolaidis (St. Antony’s College, Department of Politics and International Relations) and Prof. Daniel Innerarity (Instituto de Gobernanza Democrática, University of the Basque Country).
Presenter: Dr. Matteo Garavoglia (Centre for International Studies, Department of Politics and International Relations).

Event will be delivered via Zoom. Please join at 15.45 ready to begin the event at 16.00. To register, please use your University of Oxford email address – those without University emails, will not be admitted to the Zoom room. Details of how to join the Zoom room will be emailed once you have registered.