Lincoln Leads in Language & Literature: Lockdown Edition

This is an online event

Join us for our first-ever Lincoln Leads: Lockdown Edition, hosted by Dr Alan Garfinkel. This is the first of five round table discussions on themes at the intersection of disease and society: Language & Literature, Medicine, Epidemiology & Public Health, Cognitive Epidemiology, and Politics.

Mark Forsyth is an acclaimed author and journalist. He is known for his blog, the Inky Fool. His published works include The Etymologicon, The Horologicon, and The Elements of Eloquence. He read English at Lincoln and obtained his BA in 1999.

Elsa Kienberger is a current MSt student in English (1830-1914) specialising in women’s playwrighting in minor Victorian theatres. She is interested in gender, sexuality, and imperialism in nineteenth-century literature. She holds a BA in English Literature and Theatre from Pacific Lutheran University.

Waqas Mirza is a DPhil candidate in 20th century French and English Literature. He works on the representation of the mind in the arts, bilingualism, poetry and Hip Hop. He was co-organiser of Lincoln Leads 2019 and 2020, and is the President of the Hip Hop society.

Alan Garfinkel is the 2019-2020 Newton-Abraham Visiting Professor, permanently holding the position of Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Graduating from Harvard with a PhD in Philosophy, Prof Garfinkel initially worked as a professor of philosophy before focusing on mathematical modelling and its applications to cardiology. He works on understanding and developing new therapeutic interventions for physiological processes, particularly through the use of mathematical modelling and computer simulation. Also trained as a philosopher of science, he is interested in the social and ethical contexts and consequences of scientific theories and practices.