Gene therapies for Parkinson's disease

Stephane’s team works on translational medicine projects, concerning neurodegenerative diseases, essentially Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, and Psychiatric disorders

Their major research programs relevant for Parkinson’s disease and related disorders as well as Psychiatric disorders are funded by national and/or European institutions as well as by private partnerships.

The aim of those projects are:

1- The neurological and neurosurgical assessment of biotherapies for neurodegenerative diseases at initial phase of clinical development following the demonstration of safety and efficacy in non-clinical experiments.

2- The development of neuromodulation approaches for drug-resistant psychiatric and neurological diseases using optogenetic technology to better understand brain circuitry abnormalities and define new therapeutic targets.

3- The development of new neurosurgical tools and devices to assess or administrate drugs, viral vectors, cells as well as electrical or light sources devices with the help of neuronavigation system and surgical robot.