Writing a New History of Byzantium

This meeting will be held with Google Meet - meet.google.com/dqa-ytsv-okk


  • Talks will be 30-40 minutes long, followed by discussions without a precise time limit.
  • Participants are asked to read pre-circulated material available either in the notices of meetings in Teams or on Dropbox: www.dropbox.com/sh/cxkn501eknsi2q8/AABzlbmtCobFKlUPxX-xWx4Ba?dl=0
  • Please join the seminar promptly.
  • Please remember to mute your microphone and turn off the camera during the talk.
  • Please turn the camera on, if possible, during the discussions
  • Please raise your hand or post a message on the chat if you would like to ask a question
  • You will probably need a google/gmail account to be able to join.

All welcome!