Day 3 - The 54th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies: Material Religion in Byzantium & Beyond

Sunday 19 March 2023

09:00-10:30 Free communications 2, All Souls College
James Cogbill – Spoken Word and Material Object in Monastic Installation Ceremonies at the Theotokos Evergetis
Maximilian Lau – Images and Realities of the Ecumenical Councils in the Twelfth Century
Patrick Martin – Material theology: Spatial and Temporal Coherence in Middle Byzantine Last Judgements
Dorota Zaprzalska – Assemblage Theory and Icons: Composite Icons as an Assemblage within an Assemblage
Gang Wu – Possible Buddhist Influence on the Byzantine Silk Industry
Anna Muthesius – ‘Silken relic’ Material Culture East and West: a Sign of Common Humanity Across Time and Civilisations?

10:30-11:00 Tea and Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Session 6: Spatial approaches to religion
Anne-Marie Yasin – Material Affordances, Accumulation Value, and the Shape of Time in Sacred Spaces
Francesca Dell’Acqua – Putting on the Lord. The bosom as a locus for private devotion (seventh–ninth centuries)

12:30-13:00 SPBS AGM

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Closing lecture: Material religion in writing
Ildar Garipzanov – Weather Control and Manuscripts’ Margins in the Early Medieval West

Closing and announcement of the 55th Spring Symposium