Multidimensional Child Poverty: New Approaches, Debates, and its Applications

Children experience poverty differently from adults. This is the fundamental premise of the work to design specific, child-focused policies to eliminate child poverty. Devising, planning, and monitoring the impact of these policies without a proper measure of child poverty is almost impossible. However, most attempts to measure and analyse child poverty are challenged by the steps needed to measure it properly. In the context of global efforts to eliminate child poverty, UNICEF has developed a position on how to measure child poverty, based on a few simple and clear principles. In this seminar, Enrique Delamónica, Statistics and Monitoring Senior Adviser for Child Poverty and Gender Equality at UNICEF, and Oliver Fiala, Senior Research Adviser at Save the Children UK, will provide an overview into those principles and the debates behind them. They will also show some practical applications of this measure, for example the simulation of child poverty during COVID-19, interlinkages with climate risks, and the correlation with other indicators of children’s well-being.

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