Social innovation and social justice in an age of pandemics

Join us for the first in our new Leadership in Extraordinary Times series: Social Innovation and Social Justice with Cheryl Dorsey & Peter Drobac
An accelerating pandemic. Widening inequality and racial injustice. A great democracy teetering. It’s all a bit bleak. But there are green shoots of possibility, and that’s where social entrepreneurs come in. Cheryl Dorsey has been a trailblazer in this movement. As CEO of Echoing Green, she is cultivating a generation of changemakers working across sectors to build a better world. An entrepreneur herself, Cheryl has served in two US Presidential administrations and has long been a powerful advocate for racial justice and equity in business and philanthropy.

Cheryl and Peter are both doctors working to treat society’s greatest challenges. They will discuss the entangled crises of Covid-19 and inequality, recent events in Washington DC, and why the world needs social entrepreneurs now more than ever.

This event is free, and registration is not required. Go here for information on how to join us live.

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