Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems in Kenya

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EHR systems have been widely adopted across the developed world, with governments and healthcare organisations now investing significant funds to provide systems for healthcare workers to store medical records and other health data electronically.

In low-resource settings such as Kenya, the cost of commercial EHR systems is prohibitive for publically funded hospitals and the use of Open Source EHR systems, such as OpenMRS, is being explored as an alternative.

This talk will cover several research projects we are undertaking to assess the EHR landscape in Kenya and current large-scale projects to roll out Open Source EHR systems to public hospitals.

About Chris Paton
Dr Chris Paton is a Clinical Researcher in Global Health Informatics at the Centre for Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford. He trained as a medical doctor in the UK and was a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland in New Zealand before joining the University of Oxford.