Workshops 'Transgressing Boundaries in Science-Fiction'

11.15am ‘Science Fiction at the intersection of popular and scientific culture’
Scientists will explain how recent advances in science (artificial intelligence, space-time curvature…) have impacted our creativity, and how Science Fiction has explored new possibilities in science and technology
Roland Lehoucq (Astrophysicist, Writer and President of Utopiales)
Chris Fewster (Mathematician, University of York)
Chair: Frédéric Thibault-Starzyk (MFO)

2.00pm ‘The boundaries and territories of SF’
French and British writers will explore the literary styles of SF, as well as notions of gender, sexuality, race and nationality that have emerged in science fiction
Jeanne-A Debats (French, Latin and Greek Teacher, Writer and Art Director of Utopiales)
Emma Geen (Writer, Lecturer/Bath Spa University)
Cheryl Morgan (Writer )
Stephanie Saulter (Writer)
Chair: Henriette Korthas Altes (MFO)

3.30pm ‘Dystopia, Utopia and the political imagination’
This roundtable will explore political systems in sience fiction in which societies shape possible futures for themselves, such as imagining the nation as an “Island”…
Hugo Bellagamba (Associate Professor of Law, Writer, former Artistic Director of Utopiales)
Wes Williams (Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages)
Chair: Agnès Alexandre-Collier (MFO)

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