OXION Symposium "Ion Channels and Diseases of Electrically Excitable Cells"

Attendance is free, but lunch can only be provided to those who have registered by Friday 15 September

09:10 Showling Shyng: KATP channels: correlating structure with function
10.10 Stephen Tucker: Putting the Pressure on Ion Channels
11.10 Radu Aricescu: Structural Insights into GABAA Receptor Gating Mechanisms
11:30 Mike Puljung: A novel, spectroscopic window into nucleotide activation of KATP
11:50 Diogo Pimentel: Operation of a homeostatic sleep switch
12:10 Elizabeth Tunbridge: Diversity of CaV1.2 splice variants in human brain
14.00 Ole Paulsen: Neuromodulation of synaptic plasticity: implications for learning and memory
14:20 Denis Burdakov: Hypothalamic orchestration of eating and physical activity
14:40 Esther Becker: Novel insights into the molecular mechanisms of cerebellar disease
15.00 Sarah Crisp: Mechanisms of glycine receptor antibodies in human disease
15:50 Gary Lewin: Molecular exploitation of an extremophile mammal