A mass spectrometric view on epigenetic and phosphorylation based signalling systems

In this talk Dr Gstaiger will highlight his recent efforts towards a systematic analysis of protein complexes underlying epigenetic regulation as well as kinase mediated signalling using quantitative mass spectrometry.

Short Bio:
Matthias Gstaiger is heading a research team interested in the analysis of interaction proteomes associated with cell signalling. His interest into protein interactions dates back to his PhD studies at University of Zürich (1992-1996) when he discovered a mechanism for tissue specific transcription via the interaction of transcription factors and tissue specific coactivators. During his postdoctoral studies at the FMI in Basel (1996-2003) he combined functional genomics with mass spectrometry to uncover novel biochemical routes for cell growth control and nutrient signalling. Since 2004 he has his own group at the IMSB at ETH Zurich, which develops and applies quantitative mass spectrometry techniques to systematically study the modular and dynamic nature of cellular signalling systems in health and disease.