Global Female Leadership Conference 2019

The Global Female Leadership Conference, is the WORLD’S LARGEST university-led conference in the world of its kind, giving you access to the most inspiring, high profile industry pioneers and most innovative changemakers leading the way, the hottest debates and discussions and the brightest ideas. OPEN TO ALL GENDERS & BACKGROUNDS, join us on Wednesday 22nd May at Oxford University’s Said Business School from 2pm onwards, to hear from, connect with and meet the most prominent people and companies who are pushing for a fairer world, learn about the latest trends and most exciting innovations, listen to the most topical debates, connect with likeminded talented individuals and gain inspiration. Our incredible line up of inspiring speakers includes the leading figures from the philanthropic, business, financial, legal, fashion, technological, political, literature, film, music, media, sports, investment, sustainability, environmental, non profit and entrepreneurship worlds.

To name a few, our keynotes and panellists include Natalia Vodianova, Founder of the Naked Heart Foundation and world famous supermodel, philanthropist, entrepreneur and member of the Special Olympics International Board of Directors, Rachel Lord, CEO (EMEA) of BlackRock which is the world’s largest asset manager, Elif Shafak, world renowned author and women’s rights activist, Michelle Peluso, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of IBM and ex-CEO of Travelocity, Stefanie Reid MBE, three time Paralympic medallist and five time world record holder who is also a biochemist specialising in stem cell research, the first ever amputee to walk the catwalk at London Fashion Week and a finalist on Celebrity MasterChef, Terri Duhon, Board Member at Morgan Stanley, the Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC, Partner and Head of Environment at Linklaters, Partner and Head of Real Estate at Clifford Chance, Senior Legal Counsel at Barclays and UK Counsel at Klarna, Senior Portfolio Manager at JP Morgan, and many more! You can see our full list of speakers and buy tickets (early bird student tickets only £8) here:

The conference will focus on the experiences and insights of inspiring female leaders from a wide variety of sectors and the challenges they have faced whilst showcasing their great accomplishments. A key theme will be the discussion of obstacles those identifying as women face in environments where they are underrepresented, which can make a career progression more challenging, as well as the questions about how to best combine prosperous careers with families and personal lives. As research has widely shown and many companies have increasingly observed over the last years, a diverse team with a plethora of viewpoints and experiences creates a richer debate when tackling problems, which leads to more innovative and creative solutions. The conference seeks to add to the discourse that is taking place around this, inspire the next generation of leaders, offer young women and men a great opportunity to learn from and engage with positive role models and turn them into ambassadors for increased diversity.

We are bringing together the visionary figures who are making things happen at the very forefront of this powerful and emerging wave of change. They are the pioneering people and companies challenging a powerful status quo, taking on and shaking up archaic practices in every industry, creating innovative and disruptive, solutions, products and services and traversing borders.

Not only will you have the chance to hear from the leading figures from nearly every industry, but attendees will also be able to connect with and build lasting relationships with potential advisors, mentors, investors, clients, developers and new hires, as well as the most promising, ambitious young talent across Europe and the world. This premier conference is brought to you by the following leading UK universities: Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL and the Collegium Global Network.

Whether you are interested in diversity, womens’ rights and greater equality or specific industries such as business, law, finance, technology, politics, fashion, entrepreneurship, sports, literature, media, arts, sustainability and philanthropy or are just curious to find out more about the latest developments and key debates in these exciting industries there is something for everyone!

We seek to add value so that you come away from the conference having learned a great deal, made excellent contacts and been inspired. The day is designed to provide you with a holistic industry overview and through an action-packed series of keynote talks and presentations, panel discussions, workshops, lively debates and networking sessions, exposing you to the full spectrum of industries. Our diverse speaker line-up guarantees many invaluable sessions where you will hear some of the most inspiring stories and learn what you can do to help accelerate the very much needed change taking place. With a post Brexit world looming on the horizon, the changing nature of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the seismic shifts taking place in industries such as financial services across the planet, the Conference provides an opportunity for the evaluation of the current status quo, the exchange of ideas and possible solutions to the challenges lying ahead and through much debate, the exploration of what the future of these industries may hold. We are making a key contribution to this exciting dialogue – join us so you can stay ahead of the game!

In this one day extravaganza, we are bringing together and shining a spotlight on the most inspiring individuals and disruptive companies from all of the industries who care about making the world a better and a fairer place. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn, connect and get involved with tackling one of the most important and daunting issues that we face across almost all industries today. Discover those at the forefront of the overhaul of the status quo that is currently taking place. Diversity in leadership today is in a state of evolution – the Global Female Leadership Conference acts as part crystal ball and part rear view-mirror – you do not want to miss out on the world’s largest university-led Female Leadership Conference conference for unparalleled discussion and invaluable networking with exceptional speakers and guests!

For more and to get your tickets visit: WE EXPECT TO SELL OUT TO FULL CAPACITY VERY SOON AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT MISS OUT – so buy your ticket now to guarantee your spot! Our ticketing policy can be found here: