Malaria vaccines – trials updates

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Adrian V.S. Hill KBE, FRCP, FRS is the Lakshmi Mittal Professor of Vaccinology and Director of the Jenner
Institute at Oxford University. In 2005 he founded the Jenner Institute at Oxford, which is now one of
the largest academic vaccine centres globally with clinical-stage vaccine programmes against fifteen
His promising malaria vaccine has shown high efficacy in clinical trials in the UK and Africa and could
be the first widely used vaccine to impact on the great disease burden of malaria in Africa.
In Q1 2020, the Jenner Institute initiated a major effort towards rapid development of a COVID-19
vaccine which, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, is now in world-wide pandemic deployment.
He has published over 600 research papers with 60,000 citations and co-founded several spin-off
companies. He is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal College of Physicians and
the Royal Society.