Improving research impact via a cross-sectoral email list for knowledge translation

Abstract: It is well established that early and ongoing linkage between researchers and end-users of research (clinicians, managers, policymakers, publishers/media, service users, industry) is key to achieving research impact. Early dialogue on what the problems are, prioritisation of research topics and engagement with the research process all help to set the scene for uptake of research findings once a study is complete. David Evans has a background in health policy and implementation; for 15 years he has run the C.H.A.I.N. (contact – help – advice – information – networking) email list which is free to join and which links academics with practitioners and policymakers in their chosen field. In this seminar he will introduce CHAIN, explain how you can join it and what you can expect to get out of it, and present examples of CHAIN’s successes in supporting research impact.