Climbing the energy services ladder: transitions in India’s urban energy consumption amid a changing global climate

developing countries, where the bulk of urban growth is projected to occur and which are often the most vulnerable to climate impacts. India is key to these discussions as it undergoes the largest urban transition in history, and is home to the largest increase in global energy demand. Based on large-scale data collection, this presentation examines transitioning electricity consumption patterns in urban housing in India, and compares results from the highest energy consuming parts of the country to low-income affordable housing. Quantitative analysis is complemented with qualitative research on the interactions between technologies, behaviours and institutions. The presentation will discuss which electricity services are demanded as households urbanize, and how the ownership of appliances which provide these services is changing with the ability of households to consume more. Shedding light on these questions helps improve future demand and mitigation potential estimates to systematize research on urban climate solutions. It aims to inform policy measures to lock-in low-carbon development pathways at a scale that is relevant for India, and more broadly, for an adequate global urban response to climate change.