Mexico: alternatives to address violence

Should countries such as Mexico be exploring new ways to tackle violence related with organised crime? Is the current law enforcement perspective still adequate for the Mexican context?

After several decades of a “war on drugs”, Mexico’s criminal landscape is now seeing the emergence of hundreds of gangs and splinter groups. Dr. Karina García’s new book “Morir es un alivio” assesses this question by directly examining the source: the drug traffickers’ environments and life stories. A pattern of poverty and continued exposure to different kinds of violence during their early years unveil potential ways in which violence could be addressed in Mexico.

As part of the LATAM in Focus Initiative, the People in Government Lab will host a discussion with Margarita Gómez, Executive Director of the People in Government Lab, Karina Garcia, Eduardo Guerrero-Gutierrez and David Pérez-Esparza on the alternatives to addressing Mexico’s drug-trafficking violence.

The event is held in partnership with the Oxford University Mexican Society.