Nineteenth-Century Graduate Forum
The objective of this forum is to create a collaborative and supportive space for graduate students working on projects related to the period. The goal is to foster intellectual exchange and feedback and to encourage a sense of community and camaraderie among graduates working in the Nineteenth Century strand.

Each session will feature two to three presentations, allowing speakers to showcase their work-in-progress.
To ensure fruitful discussions, speakers are required to submit a brief abstract of their presentation a week in advance. This abstract will be circulated among participants.
Presentations should last approximately 15 minutes, followed by a 25-minute period dedicated to discussion and feedback.

The Independent Theatre Society: rethinking the roots of modern British theatre (Rachel O’Nunain).
The Haunted Closet: Closet(ed) Plays and the Drama of the Body’s Absence (Helen Dallas ).
Victorian Printing and Its Medievalist Paratexts: The Uses and Abuses of the Medieval Book by The Chiswick, Kelmscott, and Dent Presses (Evan Leonhard).

We want to emphasise that the Nineteenth-Century Graduate Forum is open to all who wish to participate.

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Date: 26 February 2024, 13:30 (Monday, 7th week, Hilary 2024)
Venue: St Cross Building, St Cross Road OX1 3UR
Venue Details: Seminar Room B
Speakers: Rachel O’Nunain, Helen Dallas, Evan Leonhard
Organising department: Faculty of English Language and Literature
Organisers: Maria Gomez Ruiz, Leonor-Jo Barnard
Part of: Nineteenth-Century Graduate Forum
Booking required?: Required
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Audience: Members of the University only
Editors: Katy Terry, Hope Lukonyomoi-Otunnu