Health Technology for Tomorrow seminar 5: Snap40 wearable vital signs monitoring: a new tool for acute care in the community

Please note that this seminar is being run alongside the EurOOHnet Conference which is a closed event.

The next Health Technology for Tomorrow seminar takes place on 25th May at Exeter College Cohen Quad starting with tea/coffee at 10.30-11.00, followed by the talk which will include a panel discussion and audience Q&A.
snap40 is an Edinburgh based medical technology company who have developed a continuous wearable vital signs monitoring device coupled with automated risk analysis, the results of which can be viewed by healthcare staff through mobile applications. The device is worn on the patient’s upper arm and monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, relative changes in systolic blood pressure, oxygen sats, skin temperature and patient movement.
The snap40 device has been designed primarily for monitoring of in-patients, however we are keen to explore the potential utility of the device for out-of-hours and conventional primary care use, where the device may offer time savings freeing attending clinicians to concentrate on other tasks.