Lunchtime Discussion: Careers in Law in the USA

Doug Wigdor is a St Cross alumnus and top New York employment Lawyer. Wigdor has been at the forefront of some of the most widely publicized sexual harassment and sexual assault cases that have made headline news around the world.

Thinking of a career in Law in the USA? Join Doug Wigdor to explore options including clerking for district judges, the pros and cons of large firms vs small firms, and working for the Government.

There is a wide spectrum of careers (and even side- or second careers!) that one can pursue “in the Law” in the United States. At the risk of creating “FOMO/paralysis”, for this informal lunch chat you should focus on the word “including”, as we may get you thinking about some different placements, ones that you had not thought of or knew existed, within that spectrum.

This event is open to all current University of Oxford members.