A new economic strategy for Britain

This is a hybrid event.

Economic growth in the UK has been sluggish ever since the global financial crisis. More recent large-scale disruptions caused by Brexit and Covid-19 have created additional challenges to growth and the vital public services, institutions, and fiscal measures that underpin it. Productivity and public investment remain low. Meanwhile, stalling wage growth and the cost-of-living crisis continue to eat into households’ disposable income, discouraging spending while also deepening economic inequalities.

What policies might underpin a new vision for prosperity – one that focuses not purely on growth but also ensures that economic gains are widely shared and environmentally sustainable?

What are the prospects for cities like Oxford in rising to these challenges? And how can a new economic strategy deliver a just transition at both local, national and UK-wide levels?

To discuss Britain’s future economic strategy, building on the analysis of The Economy 2030 Inquiry – a three-year collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the LSE, funded by the Nuffield Foundation – moderator Clare Leaver, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, is joined by Gregory Thwaites, Research Director, Resolution Foundation and Associate Professor, University of Nottingham’s School of Economics, Richard Venables MRICS DL, Senior Director and Head of Oxford Office, CBRE and İrem Güçeri, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School.