Intersections and Dissonances between Race, Ethnicity and Migration Studies

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I) The unfinished politics of race, the uncertain status of migration studies with Michael Keith

The place in the academy, the research focus and research funding have all been highly contested in scholarship of both race and migration in the United Kingdom. This contribution attempts to consider how this history inflects how our researcher agendas have evolved in the recent past and what this might mean for thinking about research agendas in the near future.

II) Bringing Race and Migration back into dialogue with Claire Alexander

This presentation will offer some exploratory thoughts on the reasons for, and consequences of, the division between racial and ethnic and migration studies in the UK, and the necessity of reopening dialogue across these two fields of research.

III) Racism and Migration: Linkages, Absences and Evolving Research Agendas with John Solomos

In the contemporary conjuncture questions about race and migration are at the heart of both political and policy debates. This is evident in various geopolitical environments, including Europe, North America and increasingly other parts of the globe. As a result, we have seen a notable increase in the focus of research agendas and scholarly debates, with distinctive bodies of work on both race and migration. This paper explores the changing contours of these bodies of scholarly output and discusses both the linkages as well as the divergences between research agendas on race and racism and migration. In developing this analysis, we argue that it is important to develop a conversation across these evolving bodies of research and scholarship that can tease out issues that are common to both bodies of research. This conversation will be of importance if we are going to be able to develop a critical analysis of the interface between racism and migration in the contemporary environment.