Rocking the Cradle: Radio Galaxies and Black Holes

Join us at the re-launch of the Oxford Space and Astronomy Society as we host Dr. James Allison (University of Oxford) who will explain his research into radio telescope in Australia and South Africa. He will explore the recent developments in this field as well as giving an insight into the research challenges faced.

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) is a world-class radio telescope in Western Australia. Radio astronomers are already using ASKAP to look for small changes in the radio signal from distant super massive black holes. Cold gas clouds moving around the black hole absorb the radio signal, which is then detected at the telescope. Only a few thousand years old, but billions of light years away, we are studying how these young radio galaxies switch on and the devastating affect they have on their natal environments.

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For more information email There is wheelchair access. There is padded seating, and an accessible toilet. There is blue badge parking by request at the event.