‘Channels of Digital Scholarship’ Workshop: 'Press the shutter, type the prompt. Photography in times of artificial intelligence'

What does artificial intelligence mean for photography? Not merely for the creation and manipulation of photographs, but for the cultures to which they belong: for reportage, for documentation, and for the creative arts. With AI remaining a dominant thread in public discourse and our attention repeatedly drawn to hotly debated examples of digital intervention in photographs, we stand at a point of cultural shift – a shift in access to creation and manipulation, and a shift in trust and perception. At this threshold, Maison Française d’Oxford and Digital Scholarship at Oxford are pleased to bring together speakers from different fields of photographic discourse to discuss the nature of photography in times of artificial intelligence.


From the decisive moment to the eternal flux of prompts: AI and the history of photography – 10am-12pm
Michael Pritchard (Independent Scholar, Consultant, and former Director, the Royal Photographic Society, UK)
Alexandre Portron (Professor in Private Law, Université de Poitiers, France)
Alan Capel (Chief Commercial Officer, SmartFrame Technologies, UK)

Type, Publish, Curate: Opportunities and challenges of image-generating AI – 2-4pm
Michael Christopher Brown (Artist & Photojournalist, USA – Online)
Nicolas Jimenez (Director of Photography, Le Monde, France)
Katy Barron (Director, Photo Oxford, UK)