Familial Fortunes: What Do You Really Want to Know About Your Child's DNA?

This event is part of the Being Human Festival, and will explore how advances in science mean that we will soon be able to screen every new born baby to discover a range of potentially life changing facts about their DNA. Would you want to know the chances of your child getting various diseases in later life? How certain should this information be before they are told? Would this knowledge affect your life choices, or what you would share with your family? In this interactive event, hosted by Vivienne Parry, three experts will discuss these complex ethical issues using real world case studies. Join them in exploring how such scientific advances can have immense repercussions for healthcare choices, family relationships and how we choose to live our lives.

Please note: this event will also be live streamed, with free online only tickets also available if you cannot make it on the day. Follow the booking link to find out more.