Islamic Geometry Art

Traditional geometric art served as a powerful tool in contemplating the harmonic qualities of the natural world.

This practise connects the mind, the hand, and the heart. It connects the number, the science and the art.

In this workshop Haifaa Khawaja invites you to explore the symbolism of Islamic geometric art, and try your hands at the meditative practice of its construction using only a ruler and drawing compass.

This is suitable for all levels of ability.

You will need to have ready the following: paper, sharp pencil, drawing compass and ruler. Colour pencils are great but optional.

Free and open to all Kellogg members. Booking is required.

About Haifaa Khawaja

Haifa is an artist and teacher with a background in architecture. She has been teaching Art & Geometry since she completed her MA in 2002. Her work has been displayed in various exhibitions, and she is the author of Altair Design Islamic Patterns and Crystal Cave. She is currently working on a new Geometric Art activity book and resources. Haifa is particularly interested in the study of geometry in nature with a focus on the contemplative aspects of harmony and proportion.