COVID-19 Flash Talk: Domestic Violence During the Great Lockdown

In this edition, King’s College London Professor of Development Geography Cathy McIlwaine and MSc Migration Studies student Vidya Ramachandran will speak about the effects of the current pandemic on domestic violence. They will draw from their research and professional experiences focusing on one of the most vulnerable groups: migrant women.

Read their articles on the “Coronavirus and Mobility” Forum: – “Living in fear during the COVID-19 crisis: migrant women with insecure immigration status and domestic violence” by Prof. Cathy McIlwaine – “Is mobility a solution to domestic and family violence?” by
Vidya Ramachandran:

About the speakers:
Cathy McIlwaine is Professor of Development Geography at King’s College London. Her research revolves around issues of gender, poverty and violence in cities, especially in Latin America, and among migrants in London. The latter focuses on low-paid migrant workers in general and specifically the Latin American community in relation to transnational livelihoods, citizenship and political participation from a gendered perspective. Her current research projects are on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) amongst Brazilian migrants in London and among those living in the favela of Maré in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and on the experiences of migrant survivors of VAWG with insecure immigration status. Cathy also works with arts and theatre organisations, such as the People’s Palace Projects and CASA Latin American Theatre Festival in developing and enhancing the impact of her research.